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  1. It’s cool you’re from California! The TaleefCollective.org group provides Mentorship Training for those looking to support converts and so forth and they are from the Bay Area. Highly recommended, six days, awesome! I’m gonna sign up for it and can’t wait! 😀 Lemme know if you want more details. 😀


      • Salaams! Great to see you on WordPress! You inspired me to start fresh another side to me too, blueninjabi.com, jazakullah khairun. 😀

        TaleefCollective.org has more info at http://vimeo.com/42537536. Feel free to email them at info@taleefcollective.org for more information as they have regular intake. The cost is $1250 which is a six day retreat with only three days I believe covered, hence you’ll need to book flight and 3-4 nights accommodation in California. Woo! I hope to go but not sure when I can as my new job has limited vacation. I might need to wait next year insha’Allah.

        I can’t wait to hear more of your fashion 😀 Everything is a process, it develops and collects overtime, so take your time. 😀

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